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Missions: Northland

Join us.  We seek to serve and love the Northland community and its residents in a variety of ways. We would love to have you join us in this mission.


Serving Elementary Schools in the Northland Area: Volunteers serve at Alpine and Devonshire Schools.  The goal is to help students become proficient readers and successful students in general and you can help.  Email Beth Ash to learn how to get involved.


Bed Brigade: We seek to provide people with a bed of their own completely free of charge.  You can be involved with bed building, transporting, packaging bedding, and bed delivery and set-up.  Email Aimee Worley if you would like to volunteer.


Wispering Oaks: This Northland area apartment complex is home to many newly arriving refugee families and we offer tutoring and other support that will help them as they adjust to living in Columbus, Email Beth Ash to learn how to get involved.

Missions: The World

What is your mission? Every follower of Jesus is commanded to “go and make disciples of all nations”. Where does God want you to go? Each year we provide opportunities for ordinary followers of Jesus of all ages to go on mission to serve and share about Jesus.


Short Term Mission Opportunities


June 25 - 30: Orlando (Engage Youth Trip)

The youth had an awesome trip to Orlando!  Check back here in January to see what is in store for the Youth Mission Trip in 2018


July 24 – August 5: Uganda

Our Uganda team served well and received many blessings in the process.  We hope to return to Uganda in the future to continue to come alongside the ministry of the African Children's Choir.


November 9-14: Houston (Hurricane Harvey)

Six members of KRBC joined with the Christian relief organization, Samaritan's purse, to provide a ministry of rebuilding homes after the devasting floods that accompanied Hurricane Harvey in August.  The team engaged in a wide variety of rebuilding efforts in five homes in one neighborhood affected by the storm.

Our Missionaries:

Dr. Pedro and Judy Obregon – full-time, short term with Medical Ministry International

Kim Brown, Missionary in Thailand

Brian and Jenny Metzer with Cru at universities in Northeast Ohio

Michelle Prindle - full-time with Shepherd's Staff serving the ministry of International Friendships Inc.

Emerson and Ivy Wu - full-time development workers with International Ministries in Asia

Hannah Claes – part-time Program Coordinator with Peace Catalyst International

Rebecca C. E. Brown – part-time Program Coordinator with Peace Catalyst International

Delaine Thomas – part-time Program Coordinator with Peace Catalyst International


ABC (American Baptist Churches) Ministries

Judson College

Northern Seminary

ABC Ohio

America for Christ Offering... our 2014 gift went to the general America for Christ Fund

World Mission Offering... our 2014 gifts will go to support the ongoing efforts of Development Workers Emerson and Ivy Wu in Macau, China

One Great Hour of Sharing Offering... our 2014 gift went to the ongoing relief efforts of the Philippine people affected by Typhoon Haiyan

Ministers and Missionaries Offering...our 2014 gift will go to retired Ministers and Missionaries


Other Missions and Ministries:

Christian Service Brigade

Cook International

GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior)

Hope for the Hilltribes

IFI (International Friendships Inc.)

Peace Catalyst International