The Worship Arts Ministries of Karl Road Baptist Church exists to magnify the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, with psalms, hymns, spiritual songs and a variety of artistic expressions that reflect the creativity and glory of God.

Our Musical Style

KRBC is a diverse body of believers which is a wonderful foretaste of heaven! As such our musical style is diverse. We value singing a “new song” to the Lord (Psalm 96) by modern songwriters like Chris Tomlin, Keith and Kristin Getty, Israel Houghton and others, set to guitars, keyboards and drums. We also value the timeless lyrics and soaring melodies of classic hymns like, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing and Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee set to organ and piano. We appreciate the enhancement of digital electronics, but also relish unplugging and/or adding orchestral instruments from time to time. We delight in the joyful energy of songs from the Gospel tradition, but also appreciate more contemplative tempos of more classical composers. At KRBC, we strive to set aside our personal preferences to appreciate a variety of musical and lyrical styles, recognizing that each has its strength in attempting to reflect God’s inexpressible truth, wisdom, and beauty.

Praise Band

The Praise Band is the back-bone of our worship through music at KRBC. Therefore, skilled instrumentalists (guitar, bass, drums, piano, and keyboard) are needed to regularly accompany congregational singing. Currently, we have a complete band but often have to go out-of-house for substitutes when our regular band members are not available. As a result, we are always interested in recruiting more of these core instrumentalists. In addition, we are eager to have other instrumentalists (brass, woodwinds, strings, etc.) step forward for more occasional service. Rehearsals take place Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. To apply to be in the Praise Band, please complete the Worship Arts Application. Audition required.

Praise Singers

The Praise Singers are individually miked singers who play a vital role in our worship services, modeling whole-hearted worship and providing vocal leadership for the congregation, year round. Having a voice for solos is not required, though being able to sing on pitch and blend with others around you is necessary. Reading music is not required but would be very helpful. Rehearsals take place Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. To apply to be a Praise Singer, please complete the Worship Arts Application. Audition required.


The Choir plays a vital role in our worship services, ministering through choral anthems, modeling whole-hearted worship and providing vocal leadership for the congregation from September through May. In addition to weekly ministry, the choir presents an annual Christmas concert and may be involved in other special services or events. Choir members are not required to read music, but must be able to match pitch and rhythm. Rehearsals take place Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. To apply to be in the choir, please complete this Profile. Audition not required.

Special Music

During the summer months when the choir is off, gifted singers and instrumentalists are invited to provide Special Music during Sunday worship services. While it’s preferred that these individuals serve in the Worship Arts Ministry throughout the year, we understand that work and family schedules don’t always permit regular mid-week rehearsals. To apply to offer Special Music, please complete the Worship Arts Application. Audition required. Click here to read GUIDELINES pertaining to Special Music.

Tech Team

This ministry is vitally important to the overall enhancement of the worship environment. It requires people who are tech savvy, attentive to detail, and have the ability to remain focused in a worship setting.

Audio Techs need a keen ear, the ability to quickly and calmly react in any given situation and to listen artistically. A working knowledge of sound systems is also very helpful though technical training will be provided.

Projection Techs need to be comfortable with a computer and have a feel and memory for music to ensure proper timing of slide advancing. To be a part of the Tech Team please complete the Worship Arts Application.


We are looking for people of all ages to be involved in occasional drama ministry at KRBC. Please complete the Worship Arts Application.

What Is Worship aNew?

Worship aNew is a creative service format, offered one to two times per year that allows wider participation and integrates more artistic worship elements than a regular Sunday service. Some of those elements might be: skits, dance, testimonies, videos, dramatic readings, etc. Click HERE to see excerpts from a past Worship aNew service. Our next Worship aNew service is scheduled for Sunday, June 26, 2016 at 10:15 am. Check back here for opportunities to be involved!

What Is Worship Matters?

Worship Matters is an opportunity for artistic people who hope to one day share their gifts with the congregation to present their worship expressions (singing, acting, reading, painting, dancing, producing videos, etc.) before an encouraging small group. The next Worship Matters event will be held on (TBD). Lunch will be provided. To register to attend, please email Karen Burkhart or call the church office and speak to Carole Reynolds.