The Women’s Connection of Karl Road Baptist Church is a team-led ministry whose vision is to connect the generations of women in the church, encourage and nurture one another spiritually and personally, and provide opportunities for outreach to the women we know. Every few months, the planning team (always open to new participants) creates an event to give women something to do that is not only fun and interesting but also spiritually edifying. For more information or to get involved in this ministry, email Beth Ash.

Some of our major events each year are our winter weekend retreat, our summer ice cream and movie night, our harvest bonfire, and our Christmas brunch.

Winter Retreat: Friday night through Saturday afternoon, we listen to one or more speakers share about the Christian life, get to know each other through small discussion groups, stay up late talking and playing games, and take in the scenery of our retreat site. Usually in March.

Ice Cream and Movie Night: This is a really low-key evening, where we meet at the church to just eat ice cream and watch a movie together. A relaxing summer night out!

Harvest Bonfire: Fall is the perfect time for bonfires! We roast hot dogs, make s’mores, chat with each other, and enjoy a brief devotional and time of singing and prayer.

Christmas Brunch: Enjoy wonderful, homemade food and beautiful Christmas decorations as we focus our attention on Jesus Christ, God’s most precious gift to us.

Check out the calendar for details about upcoming events.

image of three women at bonfiregroup of women smiling