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Rick  Breusch

The Worship Ministry Team will be led by the Ministry Team Leader, the Worship Director, and the Senior Pastor.

The regular and organized worship of God is one of the greatest functions of a local congregation. In light of this responsibility, the purpose of this team includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

  • To organize, provide for, and supervise all worship services of the church.
  • To ensure the quality of worship experiences for members, friends, and visitors.
  • To oversee all ministries or programs that have a significant impact on the church’s worship services.

The scope of the team’s oversight responsibility includes, but is not limited to, several sub-teams that execute specific ministries relating to the congregation’s worship experience. Many of the sub-teams will be led and/or facilitated by selected individuals. Members of sub-teams can be members or friends of the church as determined by the Ministry Team Leader, Music Director and Senior Pastor. Currently, the Worship Ministry Team is comprised of the following sub-teams:

  • Choir: provides an enriched musical experience for the congregation and the choral participants.
  • Praise Team(s): provides additional musical leadership vocally or instrumentally during worship services.
  • Greeters & Ushers: provide a warm welcome to all worship service attendees, give information about the church to guests, collect and secure any offerings received, and ensure safety and proper decorum in all services.
  • Worship Response: provides spiritual direction to and prayer with individuals who respond to worship service invitations.
  • Worship Formation: provides planning for worship services to ensure excellence and creativity.
  • Communion: provides for the preparation and serving of the Lord’s Supper whenever it is offered.
  • Baptism: provides for the physical needs of those being baptized.
  • Audio: provides for the adequate amplification of all worship service speakers and musicians and produces CD recordings of the services as requested.
  • Visual Projection: provides for the visual projection requirements of all services.