Pam Delille


Pastor Rick


The Financial Secretary will serve as the Team Leader of the Financial Ministry Team. The Senior Pastor will be the staff representative.

To oversee the financial operations and reporting of the church.

The Leader will assemble a team responsible for the following:

  • Deposits – All monies received by the church will be deposited by a member of the Team.
  • Invoices and Expenditures – All invoices approved for payment and other authorized expenditures will be received and paid by the Church Treasurer, who serves as a member of the Team.
  • Audits – The Team will cooperate in any audits authorized by the Ministry Council, or the Team may conduct an audit on any portion of the Church’s financial operations.
  • Counting and Record of Giving – The Team is responsible for counting and recording all monies received by the Church and the purposes for which money is given. They will provide, annually, to members and friends of the Church a record of their giving that detail the individual’s/couple’s schedule and purpose of giving.
  • Reports – The Team is responsible to routinely compile reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis on the financial activities of the Church.