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This team is led by the Ministry Team Leader, the Children's Director and the Youth Director. Additional church members will be invited to serve on the team for at least one year, although they may continue to serve indefinitely.

The children and youth Christian education ministries for our congregation provide an important means of laying a spiritual foundation in the lives of children and youth. It is a critical means of imparting Biblical knowledge for life with the purpose of guiding children and youth to knowledge of Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The Children and Youth Ministry Team exists to fulfill, but not to be limited to, the following responsibilities:

  • To provide loving childcare, age-appropriate group Sunday school classes, and church time ministry for children from birth to adulthood.
  • To support the ongoing ministry of the church library for the purpose of aiding the spiritual growth of the congregation.
  • To offer consistent weekday club programs that include spiritual training as well as outreach to the community and friends of church family youth.
  • To provide and manage funds for camp scholarships in order to provide opportunities for church youth to develop their spiritual walk and build relationships with peers and leaders who will influence decisions made throughout their lives.
  • To sponsor a Mothers’ Day Out ministry for parents in the community and the church as a support to families and their children in their spiritual growth.
  • To organize activities that reach out to the community and provide spiritual training for youth of the church, such as day camp and Vacation Bible School, and seasonal events, such as Easter egg hunts and fall parties.
  • To reach out to the community through the After School Club tutoring program, which provides educational support and a model of Christian love to the youth in the church and in neighborhood schools.

At this time, the Children and Youth Ministry Team is comprised of the following sub-teams:

  • Nursery and Busy Bees Ministry
  • Children’s and Youth Sunday school and Church Hour Teachers
  • Boys’ and Girls’ Club Leaders
  • Library Committee
  • Camp Scholarship Committee
  • Special Events or Focus Groups