Julie Large

Julie Large



Beth Ash

The Outreach Ministry Team will be led by the Ministry Team Leader and the Congregational Care Director.


  • To hold high the missional purpose of our church – loving our neighbors and the lost with good news and good deeds.
  • To grow KRBC membership’s outreach practice, individually and corporately.
  • To empower KRBC members to begin and sustain outreach/service ministries.
  • To better know and understand the community immediately surrounding KRBC.
  • To increase KRBC’s influence as a Christ-centered, transformational change-agent in our neighborhood.
  • To increase our community’s awareness of the best that KRBC has to offer.


  • To move outreach from the periphery to an essential component of our missional DNA, by aiming for better than 50% participation by our church.
  • To educate the church on the Great Commission, the privilege of evangelism, and a heart for the lost; and to equip the church for evangelism and lifestyle witness.
  • To provide avenues and events for members to invite others into the KRBC body.
  • To provide avenues for members to serve the community.
  • To advertise and market the ministries of KRBC to the public in a timely fashion.

On-going, regular participation:

  • Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Food Pantry
  • Equipping (teaching, training, and mentoring evangelism)