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Laura Hall



Rick Breusch

This team will be led by the Ministry Team Leader and the Senior Pastor. Additional church members will be invited to serve on the team for at least one year, although they may continue to serve indefinitely.


The quality of relationship between the congregation and all members of the church’s staff is of great importance to the overall success of the church’s ministry.


The Staff Relations Ministry Team exists to fulfill, but not to be limited by, the following essential functions:

  • To promote the well-being of all staff members through expressions of personal care, faithful prayer, and regular encouragement.
  • To help ensure fair and equitable treatment of all staff members in terms of appropriate human resources and employment standards.
  • To inform staff members of valid concerns about their respective ministries and help mediate, if necessary, any conflicts between staff and church members.
  • To supervise directly, on behalf of the Ministry Council, the ministry of the Senior Pastor for the accomplishment of his ministry goals.
  • To supervise indirectly, on behalf of the Ministry Council, the ministry of all other staff as they report directly to the Senior Pastor, for the accomplishment of their ministry goals.

In order to accomplish the above purposes, it is recommended that the Staff Relations Ministry Team meet at least quarterly with the Senior Pastor in order to review the performance of his ministry. As a part of that quarterly review, the Senior Pastor will provide an assessment of the ministry performance of all other staff. Additional meetings of the Ministry Team may be called by the Ministry Team Leader and Senior Pastor as needed.

In the last quarter of the year, the Staff Relations Ministry Team will perform these specific functions:

  • Meet with the Senior Pastor, and anyone else to whom he has delegated staff supervisory responsibilities, and receive a written annual report on all staff.
  • Meet with the Senior Pastor and provide an annual performance review of his ministry on behalf of the Ministry Council.
  • Approve the ministry plan and goals of all staff for the next year.
  • Recommend salary increases, if warranted, for all staff to the Ministry Council during the yearly budgetary process. It will also recommend any salary adjustment for a staff member at other times of the year if necessary.
  • Inform all staff members of any salary increase approved by the congregation for the next year prior to June 30th of the current year.