Sean Billingslea


Rick  Breusch

This team is led by the Ministry Team Leader and the Senior Pastor. Participants on this team will be restricted to active members of the church who possess leadership abilities and significant influence within the congregation.

The purpose of this ministry is to discover God’s unfolding vision for our congregation and to seek its effective implementation. It is a community of committed, godly leaders seeking God’s best for the church’s present and future.

The activities of this team include, but are not limited to, the following actions:

  • To pray faithfully as individuals and as a team for God’s direction for the church and the fulfillment of His will.
  • To create the urgency for positive change within the congregation at key moments and to monitor the change process sensitively.
  • To monitor the spiritual and relational vitality of the congregation at all times and to create ministry programs, if and when necessary, to maintain or improve that vitality.
  • To discern God’s vision for the church and to determine the vision path, i.e., the specific ways God wants us to do ministry. It is understood that this will need to be updated and adjusted from time to time as we follow God’s leading.
  • To communicate effectively God’s unfolding vision to the congregation itself and obtain its enthusiastic support.
  • To identify and empower leaders of positive change within the church and work for their success.
  • To implement God’s vision for the church throughout the congregation’s ministries.
  • To help align all of the church’s ministries and programs with God’s vision for it.

Our Journey to Present:

The unfolding of God’s vision for KRBC has been a continuous evolution. Several significant steps have lead us to where we are today, including:

  • January 2013 - A joint meeting of Ministry Council and the Long Range Planning team to discuss the future direction of KRBC. A major outcome of this session was the decision to form “prayer triplets” for 100 Days of Prayer to discern God’s direction.
  • Spring & summer 2013 – Prayer triplets met to discuss 10 major topics. Again, making disciples was an increasingly significant discussion item.
  • Fall 2013 – Dr. George Bullard, a church consultant, visited KRBC. Of his 11 recommendations, “focusing on disciple-making processes targeting heads of households” was endorsed as his most important recommendation.
  • Spring & summer 2014 - Pastor Breusch lead 12 people though an “Along-sider” study on discipleship and disciple-making.

Where God is Taking Us Now:

All the above has continually led us to “making disciples” as a major thrust consistent with Jesus’s direction in Matthew 28:19 & 20. As the next step, Ministry Council has authorized the Long Range Planning team to work with Bill Mowry of the Navigators to begin implementing a disciple-making culture throughout KRBC – to “lead the charge” to integrate disciple-making into the church’s DNA.

If disciple-making is your passion, come join the team!