Our desire is that our organizational structures enhance and not detract from our church’s ministry. We want to be about multiple ministries, not multiple meetings! Our church has a congregational form of church government, meaning that voting members retain the responsibility to make major decisions. It also means that the congregation empowers and delegates to elected leaders most of the day-to-day ministry decisions. At present, our church has four officers and nine (9) ministry teams. Each ministry team is directed by a Ministry Team Leader as well as a member(s) of the program staff. Ministry Team Leaders, the Church Moderator and the Senior Pastor make up the Ministry Council, which meets at least quarterly to provide essential governance on behalf of the congregation. You’re encouraged to learn more about our Ministry Teams below.

Church Officers

Randy Hochstetter

This Officer presides over church business meetings, serves as a spokesperson for the church, and leads the Ministry Council.

 Ron Stults

Ron Stults

This Officer keeps a record of all monies expended by the church. He or she is responsible for paying all bills and invoicing and reporting on all money received and disbursed at church business meetings.


Pam Delille


Financial Secretary
This Officer receives and records the source of any money received and the purpose for which it was contributed. After making such record, he or she deposits the money without delay and commits same to the charge of the Treasurer.

Don Middleton

This Officer maintains records of all official acts of the church, reports annually on these records to the congregation, and maintains a record of all church business meetings and meetings of the Ministry Council.

Ministry Team Leaders

Connections Ministry Team — Sharon Merz

Building and Grounds — Mark Large

Congregational Care — Carol Stults

Finance — Pam Delille

Mission Projects & Giving — Kathleen Jasinski

Staff Relations — Laura Hall

Worship — Sandy Baldridge

Youth & Children Ministries — Tod Bowen

Outreach Ministry Team — Julie Large