1. How can I find God or begin a relationship with Him?
That’s life’s most important question! The truth is that God has been seeking you long before you started to seek Him. Why would He do that? He loves you and desires to have an eternal relationship with you. But we all have a serious problem that only God can solve. The Bible calls it sin – a rebellious attitude towards God, which manifests itself in a wide variety of negative actions that hurt others and ourselves. There comes a time when we realize the tremendous moral distance between ourselves and God, as well as the impossibility of ever earning or deserving a relationship with Him through good behavior. We throw ourselves upon His mercy and grace. That means asking Him to forgive us of our sins and transferring our trust from ourselves to what His Son, Jesus Christ, did for us on the cross and at the empty tomb nearly 2,000 years ago.

You can make that personal decision anytime and anywhere. While you don’t need a church to begin a relationship with God, people at a church can help you answer important questions about your relationship with Him. Moreover, a good church is essential to your spiritual growth and development. You may want to read our church’s Affirmation of Faith and particularly sections 5 and 6 for further insight in answering this question. If there is any way we can assist you in finding God or beginning a relationship with Him, please contact us.


2. If I attend a worship service, what can I expect?
We invite you to arrive by 10:15 am and join us in the sanctuary for our Praise Music - an additional time of extended praise singing. You are welcome to get a cup of coffee in the lobby before the service begins at 10:30 a.m. If you have children, we offer a variety of children's programs before and during the service. Just ask someone at the Welcome Center, and he or she can assist you in finding the location for the program appropriate for your child. The worship service itself offers a variety of music such as congregational singing of hymns or more recent songs, as well as vocal and/or instrumental numbers. An offering is taken during the service, but we do not ask or expect guests to contribute a gift unless they feel inclined to do so. The pastor will talk about a Bible passage or principle and relate it to our lives today. We have no dress code except modesty. You will see people in suits, dresses, jeans and T-shirts. While we warmly welcome you as a guest, we will not ask you to stand up or raise your hand or otherwise embarrass you. A gift is available at the Worship Center for all first time guests. Most importantly, it is our hope and prayer that you will experience the spiritual presence of the risen Lord Jesus Christ in our midst and be encouraged to draw closer to Him.


3. What kind of Baptist are you?
Our church is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA, which is the oldest Baptist denomination in the United States with around 1.5 million members in approximately 5,000 churches across the nation. While we appreciate our Baptist history and heritage, we value other Christian traditions highly and partner with many different Christian groups in ministry. There are many different Baptist denominations, as well as numerous independent Baptist congregations. You can read more about what we share in common with other Baptists by reading Our Baptist Distinctives.


4. What does your church believe?
Please check out What We Believe and Our Baptist Distinctives on this website.


5. How can I get involved or connected within your church?

Please contact Aimee Worley, our Connections Director, (add email link) and let her know of your interest. She can help you in very specific ways once she knows your preferences.  In addition, we encourage you to start attending a Sunday Bible class or a small group as soon as possible.  Any teacher or leader will be happy to answer questions about a group. Simply use the phone numbers (listed on those pages) to learn more details.  Second, find a place of volunteer ministry and service. You can contact any member of our Church staff or our Ministry Team leaders with your questions.

6. How can I join the church or become a member?

We strongly believe in and encourage church membership. It’s one important way to indicate practically that you are a member of the Body of Christ spiritually. Typically, a person expresses such a desire after several weeks or months of attending worship services and experiencing other aspects of the church’s life and ministry. Attending a four session membership class on Sunday mornings called Bridges is a requirement for membership. In addition, anyone wishing to join the church must have already entered into a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, been baptized by immersion in this or another church, and be in agreement with our church’s Affirmation of Faith.

7. Can I have my wedding at your church?
Because of the various issues impacting the usage of the facility, weddings at our church are reserved for members, regularly attending friends, or individuals with a strong familial connection to the congregation. The process begins once an applicant reads, completes and submits a Wedding Guidelines form. A wedding will only be scheduled after an initial interview of the couple by one of our pastors and approval by those who oversee the use of the building. Because our church only offers wedding ceremonies that unite a man and woman in marriage with Christ, it is essential that both the groom and bride have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Additionally, premarital counseling with the officiating pastor or someone he approves of will be required.