You must read all of the following guidelines before filling out the application below.

Thank you for your interest in having your wedding at the Karl Road Baptist Church. The church family appreciates the opportunity to share in this special event in your life and will do all to bring glory to God as we host you. To have a wedding at KRBC, you must be a member, have family that are members, or you are a regular attender. Your registration will be forwarded to the church’s Wedding Coordinator (WC) who will then contact you.

The WC will meet with you initially to go over plans, expectations and costs to ensure a blessed event for everyone involved. If you are utilizing a pastor on staff, the WC will have already conferred with the pastor the date and protocol to plan further with you.

When planning your wedding, it may be scheduled for up to a year in advance of the selected date. If you are requesting a December date, please be aware that Advent decorations and/or Christmas program sets will not be taken down or altered for a wedding.

Payments should be made by cash or check and given to the WC at a predetermined date before the rehearsal. Make checks out to “Karl Road Baptist Church” stating what the amount is for on the memo line, i.e. ‘Jones/Smith Wedding’. The WC will specify who individual checks are to be written to.

No food or drink is permitted in the sanctuary or lobby. No dancing or inappropriate music is permitted for rehearsal dinners or receptions. No smoking is permitted inside the church building. No alcohol, illegal drugs, or illegal weapons are permitted on church property.

Wedding Fees

Facility (Sanctuary, lobby, lounge and dressing rooms) $200 (no charge for members)
Custodian (Prepares church before and after wedding) $100
Sound Technician (for rehearsal and ceremony) $100
Organist or pianist (If hired by the church) $150
Wedding Coordinator $200
Pastor $300 (suggested honorarium)
Building Coordinator (acts as security during event) $100
Fees for use of Fellowship Hall for Reception  
Facility (includes tables, chairs, and restrooms) $100
Wedding Coordinator (oversees building use) $50 (for extra time)
Custodian (Set up, take down, and cleaning) $100
Building Coordinator (acts as security during event) $50 (for extra time)
Use of Fellowship Hall for Rehearsal Dinner  
Facility $75
Custodian (Set up, take down, and cleaning) $75
Building Coordinator (acts as security during event) $75 (for extra time)

Please note: Use of the KRBC wedding coordinator and custodian is mandatory for weddings, receptions and rehearsal dinners.

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