Please read the following guidelines before filling out your form

All events held in or around KRBC must be placed on the KRBC Master Calendar. Before an event is placed on the calendar, a “Request for Use of Facility” form must be completed. The Church Administrator will review the request form and contact you to confirm your request and discuss any additional steps you need to take. In the case of multiple requests for the same space and day, KRBC ministry events are our top priority, then events of members of KRBC, regularly attending friends, and finally outside groups. Requests are granted on a first come, first served basis – so you are encouraged to submit your requests early. This form must be completed for any event that you would like advertised via KRBC media and print methods. Even if your event is not going to be held at KRBC, but you want to publicize it to the KRBC family, you must complete this form. Someone from the church office will follow-up with you to collect any additional materials and information needed regarding your event.

Building and Ground Rules
Facilities must be left in good or better condition than they were found. Equipment must be in good working order. If there is damage, it must be reported to the Church Administrator in writing. Please include the name of the responsible party to be contacted if there are any questions about the damage.  In the case of personal injury on KRBC property, submit a written explanation of the injury and first aid action taken. Submit information to the Church Administrator along with the names of injured parties and a responsible party to be contacted if there are any questions.  No personal or business use which directly or indirectly yields a monetary gain or promotes a business is allowed.  No smoking, alcohol, dancing, inappropriate music, gambling, illegal drugs, fire arms nor illegal weapons are permitted on KRBC property.

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