At Karl Road Baptist Church we’re all about building a family of believers passionate about God. One of the ways we grow passionate about God is to get to know Him better—his characteristics, his plans, his story. The Bible is one way we can get to know God better. It’s not just for children’s Sunday School class—it is a life long journey of studying and learning. Below you will find a listing of our regular adult Bible studies as well as our quarterly classes that are a part of our Cross Training Series, these classes cover a topics that help deepen your relationship with God, strengthen your love for His Word, and help you to grow spiritually..

Sundays 9:00-10:00 am

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Seeking the Master — Loy Wilson (Room 206)

Branches Dolores Suckow (Room 310)

Outreach Dave Merz (Room 306)

Bethany John Kirn (Room 115)

Fidelity/Fellowship George Overholt (Room 113)

Faithful Chosen Yvonne McNabb (Lounge)


Cross Training Classes

Prayer - A Close Encouter With God - Michelle Prindle (Room #210 Youth Room)