Phil MacLean


Kari Lashley

This ministry operates in three sub-teams, as described below, and is led by the Ministry Team Leader and Church Administrator.

Buildings and Grounds (Leader: Mark Large)
The B&G team deals with all aspects related to care of the church facilities:

  • Painting, cleaning, minor build-outs, and supervising the commercial cleaning staff.
  • Overseeing landscape and yard maintenance and parking lot upkeep and repairs.
  • Ensuring the general maintenance, service, and repair of the HVAC system.
  • Overseeing the usage of the church facility.
  • Coordinating the weekly volunteer maintenance group.

IT Team (Leader: Phil MacLean)
The IT team is responsible for all computer and internet needs of the church:

  • Maintaining, purchasing, and designing technological systems that meet the church's educational and informational needs.
  • Providing a secure Internet environment for our youth.
  • Developing and maintaining an Internet presence for the church.

Security Team (Leader: Dave Merz)

The Security Team is responsible for securing the building and facilities when not in use and ensuring the safety of members and guests while on the church grounds.

  • Undergoing training for responding to medical and other emergencies.
  • Securing the building each evening.
  • Patrolling the buildings and grounds during church services and events.