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This team will be led by the Ministry Team Leader and the Connections Director. Additional church members will be invited to serve on the team for at least one year, although they may continue to serve indefinitely.

The adult Christian education ministries for our congregation provide an important means of ongoing spiritual training and growth.

The Adult Ministry Team exists to fulfill, but not to be limited to, the following responsibilities:

  • To initiate and sustain Sunday School classes and small groups that provide for Biblical training and spiritual growth for the church's adult congregation.
  • To support the ongoing ministry of the church library for the purpose of aiding the spiritual growth of the congregation.
  • To encourage fellowship among the church family through various forms of recreational and team activities.
  • To provide and manage funds for ongoing scholarship opportunities that encourage the youth of the church in attaining their higher educational goals.
  • To develop and maintain ministries for men, women, and families that encourage fellowship, community, and spiritual growth.
  • To sponsor seminars and retreats for the purpose of strengthening relationships within the congregation and providing training for godly living.

At this time, the Adult Ministry Team is comprised of the following sub teams:

  • Adult Sunday School Teachers
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Library Committee
  • Recreation Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Women’s Connection, Family Camp
  • Special Events or Focus Groups