You must read all of the following guidelines before filling out the application below.

All events must be placed on the Master Calendar in the church office. Before an event is placed on the Master Calendar, a “Request for Use of Facilities and Equipment” form must be filled out and returned to the church office. The Chairman of the Stewards or Building and Grounds Committee will review and approve or disapprove the request. The form will be returned to the office secretary. Members of KRBC will have the facilities available to them on a first come first served basis.

Payments should be made by cash or check and given to the church office. Make checks out to Karl Road Baptist Church stating what the amount is for on the memo line. If requested, a receipt will be given to the person making the payment by the office.

Building and Ground Rules
No food or drinks are permitted in the lobby or sanctuary at any time.
Facilities must be left in as good or better condition than they were found. All equipment should be in good working order. If there is any damage, it must be reported to the church office in writing, with a name of the responsible party to be contacted if there are any questions. This also applies if there is any personal injury that takes place on KRBC property.
No personal or business use which directly or indirectly makes a monetary gain or promotes its business is allowed.
No smoking, alcohol, dancing, inappropriate music, gambling, illegal drugs, fire arms nor illegal weapons are permitted on KRBC property.

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